Representing Kansas City


I think that this image represents Kansas City well because it shows our city pride as our NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs.  I means a lot to me because the Chiefs are my favorite team, and it feels great to have city pride about them, especially because they are doing so well.

Kansas_City_Skyline.219174236_stdThis picture means a lot to me because I feel lucky to live in a city that is big and has a lot to do in it.  Kansas City has a lot of opportunities for you to take advantage of in, and I try to do that.  Its size has a lot to do with those opportunities.

amtrak-trainThis image means a lot to me because I love trains, and this picture shows that our country still thinks that trains are worthwhile and are not a waste of money.  I also like this picture because it has such a beautiful background, and that sort of ties it all together.

That’s it-