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  1. Coleman, I am inspired every time I listen to this eloquent composition. Inspiration is a fitting title for this piece because it IS inspiring! YOU are inspiring! The sky really is the limit, especially if you continue to live your life with such energy and focus! I’m proud of what you’ve done here, primarily because I know it makes you truly happy and it is a reflection of your authentic self. Enjoy this accomplishment!

  2. Coleman,

    Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring others, too!

    Your music is really wonderful and you are clearly a very talented young man. I hope you keep up the blogging because it is a wonderful way to record your growth and your creations. A blog is also a great way to inspire others, which you clearly have the ability to do. In the worldwide web of blogging students, you are becoming a shining star!

    Congratulations on your success.
    Ms. Tatiana

  3. Coleman, wow. I mean it. This is such an amazing song all by itself but the fact that you, I mean just a sixth grade kid, actually can compose and play such a beautiful song like this one. Coleman, this is a truly amazing song. I love it!

  4. Coleman, this is amazing! I seriously can’t stop listening to it. It really inspires me and pushes me to do my best. I still can’t believe you composed such an awesome and beautiful song. It is amazing and fits you perfectly: your love of electronics by putting it into a movie, and your talent for music. I love this song!

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