Three Cool Blogs…Or More

For Challenge 6,  I was asked to visit three blogs through the game set up by the challenge coordinators.

Here they are:

Katherine’s Blog-A very cool blog.  I really liked it because I could relate to her.  She goes to a kind of E.L., which is what I go to.  I will be adding her blog to my blogroll because she has a good blog that is interesting and thought-provoking.

Brendo’s Blog-A very decorated blog.  He has really added a lot to his blog that makes it stand out of the crowd.  He has made good use of all his resources.  I think that in the future, I may look to his blog to get widgets, since he has so many.  I will be adding his blog to my blogroll because he has good posts, but yet outstanding widgets.

Emily’s Blog-A very interesting blog.  I liked this blog because Emily does a good job of writing posts.  She brings up some really good points.  She is a role model for us all, not only because of her posts, but also because she is welcoming.  She has so many links to other blogs on her blogroll, it is hard to count.  I will most definitely add her to my blogroll because she has an excellent blog. 

The next blog was one that I crossed in my search for the three game blogs.

Elgin’s BlogI liked this blog because of the type of posts.  Elgin did a good job writing the posts and inserting pictures that made sense in the post.  I will add Elgin’s Blog in my blogroll.

These others are just plain cool.

Elijah’s Blog-I liked this blog because of all the top fives.  They brought up a lot of interesting posts.  I will add this blog to my blogroll because it is very interesting to read about Elijah’s preferences.

Thomas’ Blog-I liked this blog because of the preferences.  I liked the nice touch of the pictures.  I will add this blog to my blogroll because he brought up some good points.

I saw some really cool blogs thanks to this challenge.  I want to thank the coordinators for organizing it.  They really came up with some awesome ideas.

That’s it-


4 thoughts on “Three Cool Blogs…Or More

  1. G’day Coleman,
    My real name is Brendan but Brendo for short. Thankyou for visiting my blog and I am sorry I couldn’t comment sooner. Also I don’t know what you’re talking about with me and my widgets… Your ones are great! And about the Inheritance books I just really hope that Mr Paolini hasn’t forgotten about his books and that he will just realease #4.
    Brendan. (Or Brendo)

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