Images and Their Values

Images can really add a lot to a blog.

Images "Add" A Lot To Your Blog

Images really add to your blog because they give readers a visual.  You know the saying:  “A picture is worth 1,000 words”  Why not utilize them?  They’re easy to add, fun to look at, and a cool way of portraying things.  They also just look nice in a post.   They also improve your blog because readers come back if your blog is cool, and these images make your blog cool.  They are also nice to have in a blog because they add so much color.  They make your blog a fun place to be.

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This post was part of Challenge 5.

Original image: Addition Sign Author: Helder

2 thoughts on “Images and Their Values

  1. G’day Coleman,
    Great post again and such an appropriate image to choose. I checked and found it was in public domain so was acceptable to be used in your blog.

    Just a suggestion: If you put the attribution at the bottom of your post, it doesn’t interfere then with reading the post. This could be after your ‘Challenge 5’ link on the next line.

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