What Makes A Blog Great

When it comes to grading blogs, I am very picky.  For a blog to be great, it has to be well developed.  This means that is has at least 5 posts and has a visitor tracker, blogroll, and at least one other fun widget.  It also needs to be neat looking (no widgets blocking text, etc.) and needs to have correct grammar.  I think that blogs need to be neat to be cool.  I also think that blogs need to have posts on interesting topics, like current events or things that you are interested in.  I think that blogs need to be worth visiting because you are taking your time to visit them.  They also need to have posts longer than 100 words.  I only comment on blogs that have at least some of these guidelines and that are about things that interest me. 

This post was part of Challenge Four.

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5 thoughts on “What Makes A Blog Great

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  3. Yeah, thats cool man. I have had Martin’s Chips and they are very good. I like the Eagles. What about you?


  4. Coleman, just because you do something the way you want to doesn’t mean everybody else has to. Somebody is going to read that and think they can only be cool if they do that and they don’t have to.

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